Legends you need to know #2: Konflict

Today Drum and Bass genre is so widespread that we can look at it as mainstream. The audience is big, including age cathegories from teenagers to old renegates. Current names of the scene are not difficult to know, but there are also legends, who we can hear less about that created platforms, which the current drum and bass is based on. That’s why we prepared a column about the big names of the drum and bass world, which you just need to know! If you want to be called honest and educated fan with pure conscience. Firstly in the column ‘Legends you need to know’ we will introduce not only artists, but also try to get you closer to the ‘Golder era scene’, including specifics or attractions. Secondly, we will introduce you with perheps the most resonant duo of all time, Konflict!

Skynet: When I first heard Kemal and rob data’s music I knew there was something special with their production and also music. Their arrangement and progressions were unique in drum and bass at that time. They also had, what I loved very much, these techno edged sounds with deep sci-fi landscapes. Something, that I still love to this day. Their production was very tight and manicured. Warm and balanced. Precise and calculated. Masters of their craft.

So when we worked together on Biosfear it was a very exciting and fun time. We also had some computer issues with our office PC and had some frustrating moments trying to get that back up and running but it ended with a dead bios chip. So we needed up naming the song Bios-fear. All in all we had a great time and gained two great friends.

Phace: I have to point out Optical and Konflict as my favourite producers of all the time. They practically paved the way for the sound we love and try to continue nowadays.

Pendulum: Definitely one of our biggest inspirations in our early work!

Paul Reset: Kemal was a friend from around the dnb scene in Glasgow (he gave me my first proper gig and we also worked on a track called Kontempt for Underfire) so I asked if he fancied taking on one of my breaks tunes. I met him for a coffee and gave him the parts to “Crisis” (originally released on NB004) and within a couple of days – he’d finished it, the man was a genius in the studio!

Universal project: Konflict, usual suspects and loxy drove the darker sound of drum and bass in the 90s and naughties. They opened up avenues to a multitude of other artists who strived to reach the depths of powerful and hectic sound that generation created.

Konflict, the most powerful and inspiring duo of all the times? The most sophisticated and original drum programing drum and bass production? For me definitely yes! For those, who don‘t know these gentlemen, let me introduce them!

Kemal Okan and Rob Rodgers were a duo from Glasgow. Infuelnced by techno, they were pulling together and release their first release on Renegade Hardware under the Konflict moniker.

Konflict was a pseudonym under which were guys signed on label Renegade Hardware. Even before it was over, they managed to release Maelstrom E.P., which had significant influence on the formation of raising Neurofunk.

Fatal” for the duo and Renegade Hardware was a misunderstanding with Claytonne, the label’s owner. Specifically, it was the track Messiah and on which label will be track released. At last, track was released on Aftermath (Essential Rewindz). This legendary track had forever changed the face of drum and bass and will be mentioned as a massive break in drum and bass history!

I would like to mention a short story associated with this track, which Rob spoke to in Shadowbox.cz: !There was one other tune that Kemal and myself made. It’s a crazy techno DnB thing and I remember thinking this is amazing, it’s the future! I think we were just at the arrangement stage when the EMU Sampler and the PC crashed. We managed to recover some of the samples but couldn’t get it to sound the same. So we used some of the samples for another tune, Messiah.“

After this, Kemal and Rob Dat set up their own label, Negative Recordings. They released classics on them as percussion-powered roller The Mummy

or Gene Sequence, which was definitely big inspiration for Raiden or Proket work.

We have to mention Kemal’s solo career and his label Cryptic Audio, where you won’t find 1 jaded track!

The latest Kemal’s release was released in 2006, although it was produced years ago. Rob left the music scene completely. Kemal ended up producing drum and bass and began producing world music with a near east touch under the name Nomadiqa.

Konflict is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring groups since drum and bass was formated. They redefined the sound into a rougher, darker and tearful form, affected by techno. With an immutable melody, created by synthesizers and drum design, they created their „signature“ sound, which they forever signed into drum and bass history! The fact, that they created timeless music is completed by the fact that their tracks are still playing on dancefloors and the value of their releases, compared to the average price of vinyl, has increased up to tenfold!

Bonus 1:

What are guys doing now?

Rob got back to DJing

Kemal works in charity

Bonus 2:

Kemal visited Slovakia in 2002:

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