Underdogs: Genotype

In this rubric, we will focus on producers who have deeply engraved into dnb map, but have not been given enough attention. So on this place,  we will try to expand and show their talent to others.

Justin Richardson aka Genotype is multitalentet person, who has managed to released his stuff, for over 25 years, on the world’s leading labels and he also tried many other genres. As we continue to find, in terms of music, he is very versatile and his mood determines, in which direction he takes. Among the more than 80 releases i will try to choose the most resonant and introduce them as best as possible.

The whole thing started, where else, as in the Jungle era. Although Justin released his first track in 1994, I chose this monster release called Sky from 1995, which was released under the pseudonym Just Jungle on Trouble On Vinyl, which also owns Renegade Hardware. This release became so popular, that it was played by almost every London DJ!

We will move to year 1996, when under the pseudonym Mastermind, he released a jazz-themed thing on the legendary Moving Shadow. Overall, the music released under this moniker has a strong jazz -touch feeling combined with a pleasant jungle atmosphere.

Let’s go to Genotype! Year 2001 and his collaboration on Reinforced Records, who standed on breaking breakbeat to jungle. What an atmosphere!

Let’s jump to 2010, when he released his debut album, Ritual Dance, on dBridge EXIT. This 170 bpm album, influenced by the dub, was released in addition to digital on a 10 inch vinyl. Genotype has brought back the original oldschool sound in a more organic and contemporary fashion.

Over the years he released his stuff on labels such as Ingredients, Cylon, and Architecture. And where and what does Genotype do now? Justin currently running 5 different labels! Everyone has their own sound and atmosphere.

G-lab Recordings is focused on deeper and heavier drum and bass.

Just Dubz Recordings is focused on dub a reggae.

Deeper Sessions is more abstract with tougher drum and bass elements.

The fourth J D R Recordings is a house, techno label and World’s Collective is a label that deals with World Music. We are not ending now!.Justin is drumer player with 25 years of experience, who has competed across Europe and UK!

He is indeed a man of many talents and he certainly deserves more attention for his work!
Follow him on: https://www.facebook.com/genotypejjungle/

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