Legends you need to know #1: Stakka & Skynet

Drum and Bass is a genre that is today so widespreaded that we can look at it as mainstream. The audience is big, including age cathegories from teenagers to old renegates. The current names of the scene are not difficult to know, but there are also legends that we can hear less about and create platforms, which the current drum and bass is based on. That’s why we have prepared for you a rubric about the big names of the drum and bass world, which you just need to know, so that you can be called honest and educated fan with pure conscience. In the rubric Legends you need to know, we will introduce not only artists, but we will also try to get you closer to the Golder era scene, including specifics or attractions. The first masters we will introduce to you are none other than the legendary duo Stakka & Skynet!

Bulletproof – „i remember jamming tunes from these guys as individual producers, so when Danny fierce first played me a bunch of dubs from their forthcoming Clockwork LP I was shook. They had really crafted their own unique neurofunk vibe and tracks from clockwork stayed in my crate for close to a decade. I was a massive fan.“

LIXX – „Stakka & Skynet got me for their sound but the most for their album Clockwork, which is legendary now.  Super pure sound, original and inimitable. One of the fundamental names of drum & bass history.“

Skynet (about Golden era)- „it was a great era for the music. Lots of new inspiring sounds coming out constantly. Everyone pushing the envelope. Everything was created in hardware something that can not be recreated in software. That’s a big part of what made that era special and still holds true today. Writing those albums was about pushing machines and hardware to its limits, it was such a fun & exciting time to be creating music.“

Stakka & Skynet, an innovative duo, which was responsible for the then revolutionary sound. Unique techno-orientated sound has become the first in the promotion of futuristic aesthetics. Revolutionary paths have taken along with colleagues from the Konflict. For their productive career, they had together more than 80 releases under many pseudonyms. Their first album, Voyage from 1999, was released at their label Audio Blueprint and was widely regarded as an important work in the evolution of futuristic tech-oriented drum and bass. Interestingly, on this album, other except Stakka & Skynet, you can find names such as Sublogics, Psion, Lo-Life, or Zerolux. Everything are their pseudonyms.

Two years later, this approach was ornated on the next album Blazin, which features the well-known classic Side-Effects classic, which is considered by Grooverider and the wider drum and bass community as one of anthem of drum and bass.

At their next label Underfire, they released an enormous amount of releases under other pseudonyms like Profound Noize, Spy, or Kraken.

Skynet’s partnership with Stakka ended after the release of the legendary album Clockwork in 2001, which has passed the test of time, and the tracks from this album are so timeless that they are playing in sets so far. The unique mix of techno and electro moved the drum and bass sound to the next level. However, working on this album has brought them to the point where they chose to follow their own paths.

Skynet officially returned to the dnb of the world in 2014. Nevertheless, he has never left the music world. He worked on other genres, devoted himself to audio engineering and mastering. Even after all these years, it is still possible to hear the original signature sound they presented years ago!

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